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DAQ/SC Coordination Meeting

    • 9:00 AM 9:10 AM
      News 10m
      Speakers: Alessandro Thea (STFC - RAL) , Asher Kaboth (Royal Holloway University of London/Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) , Giovanna Lehmann (CERN)
    • 9:10 AM 10:15 AM
      Round Table
      • 9:10 AM
        FD Upstream DAQ 5m
        Speakers: Jim Brooke (University of Bristol) , Mr Roland Sipos (CERN)
      • 9:15 AM
        ND Upstream DAQ 5m
        Speakers: Patrick Dunne (Imperial College London) , Patrick Dunne
      • 9:20 AM
        FD Dataselection/Physics Performance 5m
        Speakers: Joshua Klein, Joshua Klein (University of Pennsylvania) , Philip Rodrigues (University of Oxford)

        Began first discussion (led by Simon Peeters) for physics performance goals for PD II.  Discussed various triggering studies and requirements, from simplest minimal triggers (already existing) to more sophisticated ones, including APA/CPA crossing cosmics, or Michel triggers.


        Had first timing-diagram level discussion of trigger arbitration that will be done in MLT.  It is clear that coincidences between TCs that have very different timestamps but are nonetheless associated with the same detector physics, will need to be handled easily, and that merging of triggers will also require some reasonably thoughtful algorithm, but will be based on time, not location.


        Updates to Specification Document have begun.  Need to have gitlab versions pushed so that we can see it all on Overleaf so as not to make redundant edits/changes.

      • 9:25 AM
        ND Data Selection/Physics Performance 5m
        Speaker: Dr Jonathan Hays (Queen Mary University of London)
        • Alex has ported changes which didn't make it for 2.8 into a development branch for 2.10
        • Demonstrated that this is working - producing non empty PACMAN fragments in hdf5 using fake timing triggers
        • Updated the python that generates JSON configs to handle requests for ND configs

        To Do

        • Start work on updated units test
        • More detailed planning work on post-2.10 activities
      • 9:30 AM
        Dataflow 5m
        Speaker: Dr Kurt Biery (Fermilab)

        Progress since the previous meeting

        • We have started discussions about changes to inter-process and inter-module messaging.

        Intended work until the next meeting

        • Contributions to the specification document
        • Continued discussions about messaging and other topics, as time permits.

        Points of discussion or information that cross groups or interfaces

      • 9:35 AM
        CCM 5m
        Speakers: Alexander Tapper, Alexander Tapper (Imperial College London)

        * Progress since the previous meeting

        • Discussions on potential areas to improve on CCM from 2.8 with Marco, Carlos and Juan (and Alessandro), who will contribute to development for next cycle.
        • Draft interfaces and functionality text included in Overleaf. Variable level of detail.

        * Intended work until the next meeting

        • Will include figures from CDR as placeholder in notes and expand accordingly. Will need help/review at that point.
        • Prepare list of CCM deliverables for next cycle based on discussions and priorities.

        * Points of discussion or information that cross groups or interfaces

        • Still hoping to train new people on DUNE DAQ through some testing tasks, e.g. from mini daq. Input needed.
        • Alessandro and I suggested next week for a discussion with CMS DAQ group on their k8s work. Not heard back yet.


      • 9:40 AM
        Facility 5m
        Speakers: Prof. Alec Habig (Univ. of Minnesota Duluth) , Bonnie King (FNAL)

        * Progress since the previous meeting

        • pocket: merged changes to apply postgres db changes at container creation for the .NET apps (DQM, ERS)
        • docs updated
        • specs doc not updated yet

        * Intended work until the next meeting

        • pocket: move container images to central location

        * Points of discussion or information that cross groups or interfaces

        • pocket apps: containers sometimes need to be restarted to work. Apps should either fail completely so k8s restarts the pod, or tolerate services not being up initially.
      • 9:45 AM
        Slow Control 5m
        Speaker: Patricia Mendez-Lorenzo (CERN)
      • 9:50 AM
        SW/FW coordination 5m
        Speaker: Alessandro Thea (STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
    • 10:15 AM 10:25 AM
      Topics for next general meeting 10m