The 11th Argonne-UChicago-Fermilab Collaboration Meeting



Emil Martinec (UChicago), Mark Peters (Argonne), Young-Kee Kim (FNAL)
10th collaboration meeting
1st - 9th collaboration meetings
    • Welcome and Remarks
      Convener: Mark Peters (Argonne)
      • 1
        Speaker: Mark Peters (Argonne)
      • 2
        Status of New Big Projects at Argonne and Fermilab: APS Upgrade, LBNE, Project X, etc.
        Speakers: Isaacs Eric (Argonne), Dr Pier Oddone (Fermilab)
    • Major Initiatives and Activities
      Conveners: Emil Martinec (UChicago), Young-Kee Kim (FNAL)
      • 3
        Institute of Molecular Engineering at UChicago
        Speaker: Matt Tirrell (U.Chicago)
      • 4
        Scientific Frontiers and Extreme Computing - Collaboration Opportunities
      • 5
        Introduction of Toyota Technological Institute
        Speaker: David McAllester (TTI)
      • 3:20 PM
        Coffee Break
      • 6
        Accelerator Research Programs
    • UChicago Strategic Collaborative Initiatives Programs
      Convener: Don Levy (UChicago)
    • Reception