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ND Upstream DAQ WG meeting

    • 5:00 AM 5:20 AM
      ND upstream 20m
      Speakers: Krzysztof Furman (Queen Mary University of London), William Panduro Vazquez


      - realised release 2.8.2 was outdated on arrival (did not include many major changes such as readout repo reorganisation), switched to nightly 23rd Nov and documented this is the currently supported version

      - updated integration test to reflect dfmodules changes in how datafiles resulting from DAQ are structured now, also reported deprecated testing functions to Kurt

      - asked for inclusion of python libraries needed for our data generator, in hands of Alessandro now

      - continued supporting Callum in understanding lbrulibs

      Will: working to update pacman readout config JSON file to bring lbrulibs back to working state with daq_application. Appears that the recent architectural changes mean it is now out of date, meaning the system fails to configure. Once this is fixed will resume work on grafana in NP04.

    • 5:20 AM 5:40 AM
      ND Data selection and opmon 20m
      Speaker: Alexander Booth (Queen Mary University of London)