Scientific Seminars

[Astro] Supernova outflows - From Hydrodynamics to Nucleosynthesis

by Payel Mukhopadhyay (Stanford)


Neutrino driven outflow hydrodynamics in core-collapse supernovae can have a profound impact on the detectable neutrino oscillation signatures. Additionally, the hydrodynamics of these outflows impact the yields of p-nuclides such as Molybdenum and Ruthenium whose abundance in solar system is a mystery. In this talk, I show that neutrino driven outflows possess a special property known as near-criticality which, in turn impacts the observed neutrino signals in DUNE. Additionally, I show that a self-consistent treatment of outflow hydrodynamics also makes core-collapse supernovae an attractive candidate for the so called $\nu p-$ process, proving clue to the origin of isotopes like $^{92,94}$Mo and $^{96,98}$Ru in the Solar System.