July 30, 2022 to August 6, 2022
Cliff Lodge
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The Path to Precision: Role of the DUNE Near Detectors

Aug 4, 2022, 11:20 AM
Ballroom 2&3

Ballroom 2&3

Talk WG1: Neutrino Oscillation Physics Joint Session


Zoya Vallari (Caltech)


The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) is a next-generation long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment. DUNE will make precise measurements of neutrino oscillations, which will enable a definitive determination of the neutrino mass ordering, and a high potential to discover charge-parity violation in neutrinos. DUNE will use the most intense accelerator neutrino beam and employ liquid argon TPC technology to achieve excellent resolution. Similar to all long-baseline experiments, DUNE will include a suite of near detectors (ND) located onsite at Fermilab to constrain systematic uncertainties to the few percent levels, necessary to achieve its ambitious physics goals. In this talk, I will describe the technology, design, and purpose of the DUNE ND and its impact on neutrino oscillation measurements.

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Zoya Vallari (Caltech)

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