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Predictions for hadron polarizations and left-right asymetry in inclusive reactions involving photons

Oct 25, 2012, 6:00 PM
1h 30m
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Dr Carlos Javier Solano Salinas (UNI, Peru)


A phenomenological model which has had some success in explaining polarization phenomena and left-right asymmetry in inclusive proton-proton scattering is considered for reactions involving photons and, hopefully, neutrinos. In particular, the reactions (a) gamma + p -> H + X, (b) gamma + p(up) -> pi(+-) = X, and (c) p(up) + p -> gamma + X are considered where gamma = resolved photon, and hyperon H = Lambda0, Sigma+-, etc. Predictions for hyperon polarization in (a) and the asymmetry (in (b) and (c)) provide further tests of this particular model.

Primary author


Dr Helio da Motta (CBPF) Dr Virendra Gupta (CONVESTAV Merida)

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