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The pursuit of particle physics requires a stable and prosperous society.  Today, our society is increasingly threatened by global climate change.  Human-influenced climate change has already impacted weather patterns, and global warming will only increase unless deep reductions in emissions of CO$_2$ and other greenhouse gases are achieved.  Current and future activities in particle physics need to be considered in this context, either on the moral ground that we have a responsibility to leave a habitable planet to future generations, or on the more practical ground that, because of their scale, particle physics projects and activities will be under scrutiny for their impact on the climate.  In this white paper for the U.S. Particle Physics Community Planning Exercise ("Snowmass"), we examine several contexts in which the practice of particle physics has impacts on the climate.  These include the construction of facilities, the design and operation of particle detectors, the use of large-scale computing, and the research activities of scientists.  We offer recommendations on establishing climate-aware practices in particle physics, with the goal of reducing our impact on the climate.

We invite all members of the particle physics community to show their support for the sustainability agenda of our field by filling the registration form.

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