The Seventh Neutrino Social Global

David Martinez Caicedo (South Dakota School of Mines and Technology)
  • Andrew Sonnenschein
  • Angela Fava
  • Anjary Feno Hasina Rasamimanana
  • Antalia Ariel Rabarisoa
  • Barbara Yaeggy
  • Biswaranjan Behera
  • Bruce Howard
  • Chang Kee Jung
  • Ciro Riccio
  • David Martinez Caicedo
  • Diana Leon Silverio
  • ilham El Atmani
  • Jacob Zettlemoyer
  • Jose Munoz
  • Joshua Barrow
  • José Fernando Mandeur Díaz
  • magdalena waleska aldana segura
  • Parada Hutauruk
  • Quoc Viet Nguyen
  • Rado Fanantenana Razakamiandra
  • Robert Hatcher
  • Robert Wilson
  • Sasha Tomalak
  • Shekhar Mishra
  • Tanaz Mohayai
  • Yithsbey Giraldo
Neutrino Social Organizing Committee
    • 3:30 PM 5:00 PM
      Professor Cristiano Galbiati 1h 30m

      Dr. Cristiano Galbiati obtained his PhD from the Università degli Studi di Milano. He has been working at Princeton University since 1999, where currently he is a Professor in the Physics Department. His research focuses on dark matter and solar neutrinos. He is a member of the Borexino Collaboration and author of numerous scientific publications on solar neutrinos. Professor Galbiati serves as Co-Spokesperson for the DarkSide collaboration. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Professor Galbiati, and his collaborators; more than 250 physicists, engineers, physicians, and others from 12 countries around the world designed the Mechanical Ventilator Milano (MVM). Due to its lower cost and quick production the MVM is ideal to cover the increased demand for ventilators created by the pandemic.