Jun 27 – 29, 2022
America/Chicago timezone

ND-LAr, a ~100 ton LArTPC system, is a core element of the DUNE Near Detector (ND). The primary aim of its design is a neutrino detector that is functionally identical to the DUNE Far Detector (FD) LArTPCs with comparable performance in the high neutrino interaction rate environment of the DUNE ND hall. ND-LAr has a modular design consisting of a 7x5 array of 1x1x3 m3 units which provide independent dual charge drift regions with a pixelated charge detection scheme that also serve as isolated optical detection regions with tiled photon detection systems. A dedicated downstream muon spectrometer (TMS) supports ND-LAr in reconstructing muons which exit ND-LAr downstream. 

The ND-LAr Consortium is responsible for the design, prototyping, production, and assembly of the detector system, while other organizations are responsible for the cryostat in which ND-LAr is deployed, the cryogenics required for its operation, the DUNE-PRISM system which moves the detectors transverse to the beam axis, and TMS. ND-LAr must also integrate with ND-wide systems such as data acquisition and slow control, as well as the overall installation and integration effort.

The review will assess the preliminary design of ND-LAr in achieving its goals and its readiness to proceed to the final design phase. It should also assess the plans and activities of the consortium in relation to risk mitigation, prototyping, production, QA/QC, and integration and installation. While the cryostat, DUNE-PRISM, TMS, data acquisition, and slow control are outside the scope of the consortium, interfaces should be suitably defined.

A conceptual design review of DUNE ND which included ND-LAr was conducted in July 2020. The ND-LAr consortium also held a PDR readiness review in May 2021.

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Zoom Information: Please see email or contact organizers: Bob Svoboda, Tim Bolton, Mary Bishai


Harry Nelson (UCSD, Chair), Alice Bean (KU), Ethan Bernard (LLNL), Jamie Dawson (IN2P3), Claudio Montanari (INFN/FNAL), Bob Wilson (CSU), Bo Yu (BNL)

Hiro Tanaka, Mary Convery, Mike Andrews, Jack Fowler, Gary Barker,  Olga Beltramello, Mary Bishai, Cat James, Bob Svoboda, Tim Bolton, Eric Zimmerman, Janet Bishop, Kevin Fahey, Jim Mateyack, Jack Fowler, Marzio Nessi, Duane Newhart, Marco Verzocchi, Sam Zeller, Nadine Kurita, Gina Rameika, Sergio Bertolucci