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FD simulation and reconstruction meeting

Refuge Chamber (WH13SW)

Refuge Chamber (WH13SW)

Chris Backhouse (University College London), Dominic Brailsford (Lancaster University)

Room at Fermilab: Refuge Chamber (WH13SW)


    • 9:30 AM 9:40 AM
      TPC sim/sigproc updates for Vertical Drift 3view_30deg production 10m
      Speakers: Haiwang Yu (BNL), Haiwang Yu (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
    • 9:40 AM 9:55 AM
      VD production validation: CVN 15m
      Speaker: Nitish Nayak (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
    • 9:55 AM 10:10 AM
      VD production validation: pandora 15m
      Speakers: Maria Brigida Brunetti, Maria Brigida Brunetti (University of Warwick)
    • 10:10 AM 10:25 AM
      VD production validation: energy reconstruction 15m
      Speaker: Wenjie Wu (University of California, Irvine)
    • 10:25 AM 10:40 AM
      HD production validation 15m
      Speakers: Ryan Cross (Lancaster University), Ryan Cross