Vamos a Fermilab Get Together Event


Students and Professors join Fermilab organizers for a tour of laboratory facilities. This is also an opportunity for professors and organizers to network about common interests and potencial future activities.

Access to Fermilab: Enter the laboratory using either the Batavia Rd. (Warrenville) entrance or the Pine Street (Batavia) entrances. Show either your Fermilab Visitor badge at the entrance or your one-day business visitor pass (instructions will be send via email separately).

Meeting Point: Drive to Wilson Hall and park (tall building with the shape of the Greek letter Pi). Take the stairs to the second floor. We will meet at the cross over at the south end of the building. You will see two meeting rooms at each side (Comitium and Curia II). From this meeting point, we will start the tours. At the end of the tours, we will return to this point for a coffee break before the meeting between Vamos a Fermilab PIs and professors at participating institutions. 

Tours: We will visit two Fermilab facilities. In the Industrial Building, we will see the process of construction of the superconducting magnets to be used in the CERN LHC accelerator during the physics program (HL-LHC) to start in 2029. We will also learn about Radio Frequency (RF) cavities, responsible for the acceleration of the particles within the accelerator complex, as well as the technology of magnets and accelerator components of the future.  At the Short-Baseline Near Detector (SBND) site, we will  see one of three liquid argon neutrino detectors sitting in the Booster Neutrino Beam (BNB). SBND is a 112 ton active volume liquid argon time projection chamber (LArTPC) to be located only 110 m from the BNB neutrino source. The detector is currently being assembled and is anticipated to begin operation in 2023. 

Vamos a Fermilab partners meeting: The meeting between Vamos a Fermilab PIs and professors from universities and colleges will be held in the Curia II meeting room after the tours.

    • 1:00 PM 3:00 PM
      Tour of Fermilab facilities 2h

      Industrial Building - Grigory V. Eremeev (tour guide)
      SBND detector - Vishvas Pandey (tour guide)

      Professors, students and Fermilab mentors are invited

    • 3:00 PM 3:30 PM
      Coffee break 30m

      Wilson Hall, 2nd floor, crossover (south side)

      Professors, students, and mentors are invited

    • 3:30 PM 5:00 PM
      Vamos a Fermilab partners meeting 1h 30m

      Session chairs: Prof. Andrew Morrison (Joliet Junior College), Prof. Joseph Sagerer (Dominican University)

      Restricted to Vamos a Fermilab PIs and professors from participating institutions

      Speakers: Andrew Morrison (Joliet Junior College), Joseph Sagerer (Dominican University)