ND-LAr Consortium Weekly Management Meeting


Weekly meeting of ND-LAr Consortium subsystem leads.

    • 1
      Speakers: Michele Weber (University of Bern / LHEP), Michele Weber (Bern)
    • 2
      Module Assembly and Testing at Bern
      Speakers: Igor Kreslo, Igor Kreslo (LHEP, University of Bern), Igor Kreslo (LHEP, Bern University)
    • 3
      ND-LAr Physics Workshop Planning
      Speakers: Andrew Mastbaum (Rutgers University), J. Pedro Ochoa (University of California at Irvine)
    • 4
      Production Process Risks: HV
      Speaker: Saba Parsa (University of Bern)
    • 5
      Production Process Risks: Calibration
      Speakers: Jelena Maricic (University of Hawaii), Kendall Mahn (Michigan State University)