Accelerators for a Higgs Factory: Linear vs. Circular (HF2012)

One West, Wilson Hall (Fermilab)

One West, Wilson Hall


Batavia, IL 60510 USA
Weiren Chou (Fermilab)

With the discovery of a Higgs boson at ~125 GeV, the world high-energy physics community is investigating the feasibility of a Higgs Factory, a complement to the LHC for studying the Higgs.

This 3-day workshop aims to bring the community together for a discussion on a future Higgs Factory, in particular for a comparison between a linear 125 × 125 GeV e+e collider and a circular 125 GeV e+e collider, from the accelerator point of view. It will also discuss physics requirements for a Higgs Factory and other options for a Higgs Factory, including a muon collider and a γ-γ collider.

All sessions will be plenary. The outcome of this workshop will be used as input to the U.S. Snowmass 2013, European Strategy Updates and HEP roadmaps in Asia (Japan and China).


  • Higgs physics beyond the LHC
  • Merits and requirements of each type of Higgs factory
  • Linear Higgs factories – ILC, CLIC, SLC, NLC
  • Circular Higgs factories: LEP3, TLEP, SuperTristan, Fermilab site-filler, IHEP ring, LBNL/SLAC ring
  • Limits of circular e+e colliders
  • Muon collider as a Higgs Factory
  • γ-γ collider as a Higgs Factory
The final report can be found at:

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Contact: Cynthia M. Sazama