Microelectronics Meeting

Argonne National Laboratory
Charudatta Phatak (Argonne National Laboratory), Farah Fahim (FERMILAB)

This workshop is aimed at exploring partnerships between Argonne and Fermi national lab. We hope to identify key capabilities and complementary expertise at both institutions.

The workshop is open to staff at both institutions and interested staff will have the opportunity to present a single slide with max. 3 minutes to present. The template for the slide is available in the Box folder link given below.

The outcome of the workshop will be a list of subject matter experts at Fermi and Argonne that will be available as a resource for future teaming opportunities.

If you are interested in actively participating, please complete the registration before Feb 23rd 2023 and upload the one-slide.

· The slide can be uploaded directly to the Box folder by sending it to the corresponding email address listed below for each high-level topic. Please cc Laurie Eichberger ([email protected]) on the email as well.

· The slide should include PI name, topic of interest, expertise, what partners/capabilities are being sought.

· Slide filename should include PI name and brief topic, and the email to Laurie should indicate which of the high-level areas outlined below is most appropriate (we will have Box folders for each). The sub-topics are -

o Materials (e.g., Materials, Fabrication, synthesis, heterostructures)

Email: [email protected]

o Devices (e.g., Novel devices for sensing and computing)

Email: [email protected]

o Circuits (e.g., device-circuit codesign, analog, digital, mixed signal chip design, custom readout electronics for extreme environments, heterogenous integration)

Email: [email protected]

o Architectures (e.g., heterogenous integration, system design, system simulations)

Email: [email protected]

o Algorithms (e.g., neuromorphic algorithms, distributed algorithms, hardware-software codesign, compact edge algorithms, open-source tools)

Email: [email protected]

o Applications (e.g., detectors, edge-computing, co-design)

Email: [email protected]

· The link to the Box folder is: https://anl.box.com/s/pvj43p8ethb5jwn74vq7ezpbnvcnmqva

o Everyone will be able to view and download the information.


Instructions to access ANL for Fermilab personnel:

- All US nationals need to bring ID to enter ANL

- All Non-US Nationals need to upload additional documents for access approvals through the link on the registration page.

  • Adam Quinn
  • Ahmed Farghaly
  • Aisha. Ibrahim
  • Alec Sandy
  • Alexander Paramonov
  • Alpana Shenai
  • Amanda Petford-Long
  • Angel Yanguas-Gil
  • Anil Mane
  • Anirudha Sumant
  • Antonino Miceli
  • Artur Apresyan
  • Ashley Bielinski
  • Benjamin Hawks
  • Benjamin Parpillon
  • Charudatta Phatak
  • Chinar Syal
  • Clarence Chang
  • Cristina Ana Mantilla Suarez
  • Danny Noonan
  • David Czaplewski
  • Davide Braga
  • Dillon Fong
  • Douglas Berry
  • Farah Fahim
  • Gensheng Wang
  • Giuseppe Di Guglielmo
  • Haidan Wen
  • James Hirschauer
  • James Hoff
  • Javier Campos
  • Jennet Dickinson
  • Jennifer Ngadiuba
  • Jessica Jones
  • Jessica McChesney
  • Jessica Metcalfe
  • Jie Xu
  • Jinlong Zhang
  • Jovan Mitrevski
  • Junhong Chen
  • Junqi Xie
  • Kazutomo Yoshii
  • Kent Bostick
  • Kyle Woodworth
  • Leonidas Georgopoulos
  • Mark Muir
  • Mercouri Kanatzidis
  • Michael Hammer
  • Michael Norman
  • Nazar Delegan
  • Nhan Tran
  • Nicola Bacchetta
  • Pamela Klabbers
  • Petra Merkel
  • Ralu Divan
  • Rik Yoshida
  • Ronald Lipton
  • Rosalba Huerta
  • Ryan Forelli
  • Sangbaek Lee
  • Shiyu Hu
  • Stephan Hruszkewycz
  • Sungjoon Kim
  • Supratik Guha
  • Suzanne te Velthuis
  • Theodor Christian Herwig
  • Thomas Cecil
  • Tirupathi Malavath
  • Todd hayden
  • Tomas Polakovic
  • Troy England
  • Tupendra Oli
  • Valentine Novosad
  • Valerie Taylor
  • Veniamin Cristinel Gingu
  • Vlad Yefremenko
  • Wei Chen
  • Whitney Armstrong
  • Wilfried Haensch
  • Wyn Fox
  • Xiaoran Wang
  • Xuedan Ma
  • Yi Li
  • Yue Cao
  • Yuzi Liu
  • Zein-Eddine Meziani
  • Zoltan Gecse
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