Tianlai Analysis Teleconference

Peter Timbie, Peter Timbie (UW-Madison)



1.  Planning for the New Year

- Reza: See slides on new observations with Tianlai Dish Array.  In particular, 1) observations at several declinations  away from the NCP to create rectangular maps, overlapping with bright calibrators; 2) NCP observations with daily (or more often) repointings to bright sources

- Peter: See slides:  This year we could 1) finish WIYN/Hydra catalog & paper; 2) simulate stacking analysis for TDA to compare with cross-correlation analysis; 3) begin low-z observations of NCP or mid-latitude;   4)  Analyze existing NCP data from TDA with foreground avoidance scheme (similar to MeerKAT).

- Discussed recent MeerKAT paper.  Cross-correlation of different nights is a nice trick we should try.   Albert could make a 2-D power spectrum similar to their's with hi-k analysis fairly easily.

- Fengquan - will talk with Xuelei and others at NAOC about making an observing plan for the new year, especially for the dish array.

- Yougang - 2 new dishes are coming this year to Tianlai.  Each will be 10-12 m, probably located at the remote sites being developed for the cylinder outriggers.  Will add some long baslines. 

- Jixia - hasn't been to the site at all this last year.  (Furen busy with FRB work.) Some repairs may be needed.  There are plans to go in about a month.

2. Tianlai Collaboration Meeting and 21 cm Cosmology Workshop - could be in China? - postpone discussion to next week

3. X-match of catalogs - Olivier - postpone to next week

4.  Other topics - Greg's teaching schedule will make it hard to join these calls this spring.  May be able to join for a few mins at the start. Unfortunately, his schedule is orthogonal to Peter's so other days don't work. 


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