Tianlai Analysis Teleconference

Peter Timbie (UW-Madison), Peter Timbie


1. Observing planning for 2023 - Fengquan, Furen, and Jixia.   See Jixia's outline attached below.  NCP observations (and possibly the midlatitude  observations) will require repointing toward calibrators at least once/day.   Furen reports this has worked well for FRB search (Pointing accuracy < 0.1 degrees for 4.5 degree FWHM beam.)

Reduce duty cycle of CNS - maybe 3 seconds on every 5 minutes?

2. Cross-matching between WIYN/Hydra catalog and other catalogs - Olivier.  See Olivier's slides below. 

3. Other topics? 

There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.