Progress towards sub-keV Nuclear Recoil calibration

CURIA-II-WH2SW (Wilson Hall)


Wilson Hall

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The search for sub-GeV Dark Matter(DM) is on rise due to advancement made in quantum detector technologies. Thus, there is an urgent need to characterize the response of target materials to extremely low nuclear recoil energies (roughly the eV scale). In this talk, I will discuss a novel technique to create sub-keV nuclear recoil calibrations using a pulsed keV-scale neutron source and large-area neutron detectors. First, I will describe our simulations-based optimizations of an assembly which moderates and then filters neutrons from a pulsed Deuterium-Tritium (DT) generator, using Fe and Sc to produce 24 keV and 2 keV neutrons.
The majority of neutron moderation is done using Fluental (a mixture of Aluminum and Aluminum Fluoride), I will be discuss it's production process too. Then finally, I will describe the design and characterization of a large-area neutron capture-based backing detectors.