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Tianlai Analysis Teleconference

Peter Timbie (UW-Madison), Peter Timbie


Tianlai observations:  Jixia reports unable to access TDA remotely b/c of power failure last Tuesday.   2 students have arrived at site and access has been restored.  Will check out dishes and plans to start observing NCP with daily calibrations on Cas A or Cyg A.   Will send ROACH boards to be used for TCA correlator.

Discussed observing planning for May WIYN/Hydra survey.   Greg looking for help.  Need a student with good python skills....

Meeting today at 15:00 UTC (9 AM Central) to discuss verification of WIYN/Hydra catalog:

Olivier, John, Lily and Peter discussed next steps for preparing a paper on the WIYN/Hydra catalog.  Some conclusions:

  • we need advice for the kinds of analyses we should do for this paper - perhaps Albert could advise on our next Tianlai call?
  • we could also look at papers describing other catalogs to see what analyses are useful.  could also ask astronomers....
  • it's difficult to make strong statements about the completeness of the WIYN/Hydra catalog
  • in principle, we could make a statement about our efficiency for determining redshifts.   We could do this by determining the number of objects that appear in both 2MPZ and SCOS that are consistent with being galaxies in GAIA and that we observed with WIYN.   The fraction of these objects for which we obtained a redshift with quality 4 or 5 would be one measure of our spectroscopic efficiency.  However, John points out that the efficiency of determining photometric redshifts depends on galaxy type in a different (complementary) way from spectroscopic redshifts.
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      Observing plans for 2023 20m
      Speakers: Dr Fengquan Wu (NAOC), Dr Jixia Li (NAOC)
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