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Tianlai Analysis Teleconference

Peter Timbie, Peter Timbie (UW-Madison)


1. ) WIYN/Hydra catalog/ paper outline - Albert

- correlation with reddening/extinction;  efficiency of redshift determination as a function of extinction

- can we say something about effects of observing through large airmass?

- compare with similar volumes from SDSS;  examine extinction variation in Sloan too

- compute 2-pt correlation function

- give selection criteria for our survey;  can we produce an extinction-corrected, volume limited survey?  We selected on Vmag, which is most affected by reddening

- check out papers on other small surveys (LCRS, CFA)

Outline (Reza)

1. Introduction , complement NCCS photometrix survey with redshifts for Tianlai low-z survey

2. Target selection : brief presentation of the NCCS catalog and our target selection, based on V-magnitude cut

3. show redshift distribution for SDSS samples with similar cuts. Estimate the reddening, extinction effect on the target selection, again show effect on redshifts and sample completeness using SDSS spectroscopic sample

4.  Data reduction, example spectra and redshift determination

5.  Present the obtained redshift catalog - and the catalog combined with other catalogs (GAIA, WISE (infrared)+ supercosmos - Olivier)

6. analyse the structuring present in the redshift catalog - At least, use correlation function to show that there are structures present - Check using SDSS spectrsocopic samples on patches of the sky with similar volume


2.)  Other: 

a) Daylight savings time starts Sunday in the US.  Traditionally, we have moved the meeting time 30 minutes earlier for callers from outside the US.   So future calls will be:

13:00 UTC :  8:00 AM CDT (Chicago), 9:00 AM EDT (Providence), 13:00 BST (London), 14:00 CET (Paris), 18:30 IST (Indore), 21:00 CST (Beijing), starting Tuesday, March 14, 2023.

b) Peter will be on vacation next week.

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      Outline WIYN/Hydra catalog paper
      Speaker: Albert Stebbins (Fermilab)
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