Fermilab Theory Seminars

Light sterile neutrinos and neutrinoless double beta decay

by Wouter Dekens (University of Washington)

Curia II

Curia II


Sterile neutrinos form an attractive extension of the standard model (SM) as they can accommodate neutrino masses, help explain the baryon asymmetry of the universe, and provide a dark matter candidate. These scenarios generally predict that neutrinos are Majorana particles, implying a nonzero neutrinoless-double-beta-decay (0νββ) rate. An intriguing feature of these models is that, for light sterile neutrinos, cancellations occur between the leading contributions to the decay rate. The prediction for 0νββ therefore requires a careful consideration of effects that would usually be subleading. In this talk, I will discuss how these contributions can be evaluated and illustrate their impact in several simple scenarios.