Jun 27 – 30, 2023
Ramsey Auditorium
America/Chicago timezone

Differential Scanning Calorimeter Calibration and Measurement

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2h 30m
Ramsey Auditorium

Ramsey Auditorium



Sebastian Szczech


The differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) 404 F3 is a machine that heats up to 1500 degrees Celsius, and collects/evaluates thermal properties such as heat capacity, crystallization, glass transition, and more. The first part of the project is based around calibrating the DSC 404 F3 using the given procedures and manuals. This ensures that the DSC 404 F3 is working properly and does not have any issues moving forward. After the calibration is complete, the second part is to start testing. There will be tests conducted on known metals, such as steel and aluminum, in which there is data to compare it to. If the data collected is not accurate compared to its known values, further troubleshooting will need to ensue to ensure that the following process does not give the wrong readings. Then, testing will begin for High Entropy Alloys(HEA) and the interesting issue with these is that there is no data to compare these to. The goal of finding the values of the HEA is to find a compatible alloy that we can use in future projects.

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