Tianlai Analysis Teleconference

Peter Timbie (UW-Madison), Peter Timbie


Connected: O. Perdereau, R. Ansari, Jixia Li, K.F. Yu, Xuelei Chen, Fengquan Wu,  Yichao , Chengliang Xu, G. Tucker 

(1) Status of WIYN/Hydra observations - Short presentation by Greg. Tucker 

2 nights, bad weather on Friday night , one tile observed on Saturday, before the instrument stopped working. We were supposed to observe ~ 16 tiles. It is likely that we will be offered observation time in the future 

(2) Update on the collaboration meeting by Yichao - We site page is setup on the tianlai site, with practical information, hotel photos (guest rooms and meeting room), and a preliminary schedule . Waiting / expecting feedback from the university on the application. Yichao prepares a list of invited speakers.

(3) Presentation of a Paper on simulations for cylinder calibration and map making , by Kai Feng Yu. Discussion about the effect on the regularisation scheme on m-mode map making, in particular effect of eigenvalues threshold in Moore-Penrose pseudo-inverse, on stripes or wiggles appearing on the map. Discussion will be continued in the next meetings.

-- Summary e-mail from Yichao on speaker list 

Dear everyone, 


I would like to confirm the name list of the invited speaker. 



Ue-Li Pen

Richard Shaw 


Kavi Moodley

Ben Saliwanchik 


Dan Pober

Danny Jacobs

Miguel Morales 

Anthony Aguirre

Philip Bull


Mario Santos

Laura Wolz

Sourabh Paul

Steven Cunnington


Adrian Liu


Bin Wang

Jiajun Zhang


Leon Koopmans 

Florent Mertens


Jonathan Pritchard

Global spectrum

Jeff Peterson 

Ravi Subrahmanyan


Anze Slosar

Vikram Ravi

Gregg Hallinan

HI simulation:

Qi Guo

Xin Wang

Weishan Zhu

Marta Spinelli

The aim is to submit the letter by this Friday. 

So, if anything need to be changed, please let me know by this Thursday (May 25.) 



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    • 8:00 AM 8:01 AM
      Minutes for last meeting are posted (May 16) 1m
    • 8:03 AM 8:13 AM
      Review of WIYN/Hydra observing May 19-20? 10m
      Speaker: Gregory Tucker (Brown University)
    • 8:13 AM 8:23 AM
      Update on collaboration meeting at Northeastern University (NE of Beijing) week of July 16-21 10m

      See notes in last week's minutes

      Speaker: Yichao Li (Northeastern University)
    • 8:30 AM 8:50 AM
      Cylinder simulations (Kaifeng Yu) 20m
    • 8:50 AM 9:00 AM
      Other topics? 10m