Tianlai Analysis Teleconference

Peter Timbie, Peter Timbie (UW-Madison)

Tianlai weekly meeting, Tuesday May 30th, 2023

WYIN observation report by Albert Stebbins: 

Three persons (Albert, Lili and a postdoc from Fermilab) managed to get to the mountain. Although the weather was bad in the beginning of the first night, it did clear out , but the instrument (Hydra) was not working. Maintenance on the instrument was ongoing by a team from a company. The second night, the instrument stopped working after observation of a field (tile). In addition, we have lost some of our observing time due to Target of Opportunity observation of a SN in Messier 101, for which a higher resolution spectrometer has been used. Following John Marriner's advice, a set of 250 priority targets were chosen for May observations, distributed over many tiles, and the observed tile is one of the tiles with most targets. However, it is not clear that data will be usable - as some dark frames were taken with lamps on, and sky flats might not be usable due to blocked fibre positioners.

We should be awarded an extra night, probably on June 17th for which Lili Robinthal would go in person, but Greg Tucker is not available. Check if this is not a problem.

Access to tianlai01 (Albert Stebbins) 

For people trying to access tianlai01.fnal.gov, try to connect to fnalu.fnal.gov , check your login files before connecting to  tianlai01

Collaboration meeting update by Yichao Li:

Meeting web site : https://tianlai.bao.ac.cn/meeting/2023/

Invitation letter (e-mails) sent to about 37 persons , some have accepted already and two persons have registered. Few people have accepted to give a remote talk. Xuelei mentions that two persons, one optical astronomer from NAOC and one person from Yunan university have expressed interest in participating. 

Yichao asks the organising committee members to join the Tianlai workspace on slack - Check the invitation e-mail and also, to send around the poster made for the workshop. 

Invitation letter for visas for scientists coming from abroad : Yichao will check with the university administration to see how to provide the invitation letters.

Cylinder simulation and map making paper discussion (Xuelei Chen, Reza Ansari, Kaifeng Yu): 

See the slides - discussion will be continued in the coming weeks

There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.