Tianlai Analysis Teleconference

Peter Timbie (UW-Madison), Peter Timbie


WIYN spectroscopic observations on June 17 - Albert & John

- Tianlai01 access problem

- observations from May need a dome flat observation.  Sky flat too?

- there are newly-broken fibers

Update of collaboraion meeting/21 cm Cosmology Workshop plans  - Yichao

- invitation letters have been sent out.   Some in-person and some remote speakers have accepted.

Continued discussion of cylinder simulation paper - Xuelei.   Kaifeng is planning to submit this week.  Please read and comment.

Other topics?

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    • 8:00 AM 8:01 AM
      Minutes for last meeting are posted (May 30) 1m
    • 8:10 AM 8:25 AM
      WIYN spectroscopic observations on June 17 15m
      Speaker: Albert Stebbins (Fermilab)
    • 8:25 AM 8:35 AM
      Update on collaboration meeting at Northeastern University (NE of Beijing) week of July 16-21 10m

      See notes in last week's minutes

      Speaker: Yichao Li (Northeastern University)
    • 8:35 AM 8:50 AM
      Continued discussion on cylinder simulation and map making paper (X. Chen) 15m
      Speaker: Xuelei Chen
    • 8:50 AM 9:00 AM
      Other topics? 10m