Phase II Gaseous Argon TPC group Weekly Meeting

Disappearance Room (WH13SE) and Zoom

Disappearance Room (WH13SE) and Zoom

    • 10:00 AM 10:20 AM
      Roundtable Updates 20m
      Speakers: Diego Gonzalez Diaz, Francisco Martinez Lopez (Queen Mary University of London), Naseem Khan, Tanaz Mohayai (Fermilab), vivek jain (SUNY Albany)

      TOAD:  (Ioannis)  Boards are being redesigned.  Have quotes from two PCB manufacturers and will make another iteration of DAQ boards.  Still re-testing front end boards, but they seem ok.


      GORG:  ORC today.


      GOAT:  GOAT is moving to Helen Edwards (IRC).


      Light collection:  (Carlos) Fermilab will hire a grad student shared with EPFL and will work on digital SiPM design.


      Calorimeter:  Vivek's student has made lots of plots and he will look at these and report soon.


      Collaboration meeting:  Need to start planning parallel sessions.  Ioannis and Naseem and Alfons will be there in person.