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4-6 February 2013
US/Central timezone
The Concurrency Forum is an outcome of the "Workshop on Concurrency in the many-Cores Era" held at Fermilab in November 2011 to explore the possibility that interested High Energy Physics (HEP) institutions and projects collaborate on concurrent frameworks and applications R&D. The function of the Forum is to communicate and exchange information and results.

   The goals for the February 2013 annual meeting are the following:
- We would like to discuss progress made with each demonstrator, drawing conclusions for those that have completed their work programme and identifying topics that still need to be investigated.
- It would be nice if each collaboration (experiments, Geant4 etc.) could report on its current views on parallelism issues, such as choice of concurrency model and software technologies. This will be an opportunity for us all to discuss and see if we can converge on a common overall strategy.
- One outcome of the meeting is the possibility of launching development projects with specific deliverables that can be of benefit to the whole community. The extra day can be used by interested groups to get together and to start to discuss a programme of work.

Video Conferencing will be available through Vidyo:
Meeting Access Information: Vidyo instruction
Meeting URL:
(Room 10667389)
Starts Feb 4, 2013 08:30
Ends Feb 6, 2013 18:00
CDF Big Conference Room
P.O. Box 500 BATAVIA, IL 60510 USA
See information on how to access Fermilab and find the meeting room, lunch details, phone number to call in case you need to communicate urgently with the organizers. All sessions will be held at "The CDF Big Room" (map, aerial view). You may also consult an interactive map or PDF of the Fermilab site.

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