Fermilab’s Underground Facilities for Quantum Sensing


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      Fermilab’s Underground Facilities for Quantum Sensing 1h

      Recent measurements have demonstrated that superconducting qubit decoherence is affected by radiation. As a result, many groups around the world are working to better understand the relationship between different types of radiation and qubit response. This crucial to quantum error correction because radiation can cause correlated loss of information across multiple qubits, defeating error correction algorithms. Additionally, the fundamental energy scale at which superconducting qubits operate may enable their development as meV-scale detectors for HEP applications, such as the direct detection of dark matter. Here at Fermilab, we have two world-class underground facilities which are already being used to study this problem: NEXUS and QUIET. I will talk about the program’s plans for the next few years and forecast some first results from a qubit operated underground.

      Speaker: Daniel Baxter