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Tianlai Analysis Teleconference

Peter Timbie (UW-Madison), Peter Timbie


Planning for 21cm Cosmology Workshop/ Tianlai Collaboration Meeting -  Haijun Tian.  About 6-8 inputs to poll.  Looks like weeks of July 21 and 28 are most popular.   First 3 days for workshop/ last 3 days for Tianlai Collab.  Will make a decision based on inputs from LOC.  Website is complete.  Will share by email to get feedback before making public.   Please send Haijun suggestions for members of the SOC.

Status of NSF Proposal - Peter & Greg.  Proceeding with low-z x-correlation plan.  (Collaboration with CHIME was another possibility, but not enough time to set this up.  We should pursue it independently of the proposal.)  Peter presented a draft TDA observing schedule that requires 12 months of nearly full-time observing.   Jixia suggested starting it in July, '24, after  one-year hi-z observations with TCA are done.  Reza suggested extending observing period to 18 months to allow ~ 10 days/month for maintenance, other observing, etc.

Current observations at Tianlai - Jixia and Furen.   TDA will be tracking an active FRB for another week or so.  Some trouble with a power supply and RFI.

Next meeting on Nov 21.   Plan to discuss WIYN/Hydra paper, near-term observing plan, 21 cm Cosmology Workshop

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    • 7:30 AM 7:31 AM
      Minutes for last meeting (Oct 24) are posted 1m
    • 7:35 AM 7:45 AM
      Update on planning for Tianlai Collaboration meeting/ 21 cm Cosmology Workshop in Hangzhou meeting in 2024 10m
      Speaker: Haijun Tian
    • 7:46 AM 8:01 AM
      WIYN-Hydra spectroscopic galaxy survey of NCP -  analysis & paper writing. 15m
      Speaker: Albert Stebbins (Fermilab)
    • 8:01 AM 8:06 AM
      Update on calibration of TDA with repeated drift scans through bright sources? 5m

      See original plan from February 14, '23

      Speakers: Furen Deng (NAOC), Jixia Li (NAOC)
    • 8:10 AM 8:20 AM
      Status of US NSF AAG Proposal Fall '23 - needs 1 year of TDA observing time at low z 10m
      Speakers: Gregory Tucker (Brown University), Peter Timbie (UW-Madison)