Tianlai Analysis Teleconference

Peter Timbie (UW-Madison), Peter Timbie


  •  Update on planning for Tianlai Collaboration meeting/ 21 cm Cosmology Workshop in Hangzhou meeting in 2024  Haijun:
    • SOC listed on the website is agreed to by all.   Reza should go ahead and invite Alkistis Portsidou and Marta Spinelli.   Xuelei will organize an SOC meeting next week.   Need feedback from SOC before inviting speakers.
  • Review of study of repeated bright source calibrations - See Olivier's slides below.   There appears to be a temporary shift in E-W dish pointing of ~ 4.5' between night 2 and night 3.  It is consistent amongst all/most baselines.   Somehow recovers by night 4.  There is also a period of high wind between night 2 and 3 that may be responsible.  Prevailing winds are from the West.  Olivier will look at the wind direction data.   Jixia notes that pushing on the dishes by hand can change the pointing by ~ 0.2 degrees (is this permanent or temporary?), as measured in real time (not recorded).
  • Update on calibration of TDA with repeated drift scans through bright sources.  Jixia reports the first series of observations was interrupted by loss of the calibration noise source because of a construction accident (excavator dug up the fiber)  Will resume when repaired.
  • Next calls are December 19 (2 weeks)  and January 9 (skipping 3 weeks).   Albert will give an update on the WIYN/Hydra catalog on Jan 9.
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