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25-27 April 2013
Argonne National Laboratory
US/Central timezone


IF1: Quark Flavor Physics

Apr 25, 2013, 10:45 AM
Bldg. 362 Auditorium (Argonne National Laboratory)

Bldg. 362 Auditorium

Argonne National Laboratory

9700 S. Cass Avenue Lemont, IL 60439

Presentation Materials

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Prof. Jack Ritchie (University of Texas at Austin), Dr Joel Butler (Fermilab), Zoltan Ligeti (LBL)
4/25/13, 10:45 AM
Prof. Roy Briere (Carnegie Mellon University)
4/25/13, 11:00 AM
Prof. Alexey Petrov (Wayne State University / MCTP)
4/25/13, 11:25 AM
Wolfgang Altmannshofer (Fermilab)
4/25/13, 2:00 PM
Prof. Douglas Bryman (University of British Columbia)
4/25/13, 2:35 PM
David Jaffe (Brookhaven)
4/25/13, 3:00 PM
4/25/13, 3:25 PM
Dr Joel Butler (Fermilab)
4/25/13, 4:00 PM
Claude Bernard (Washington University)
4/26/13, 11:00 AM
Sharpe Steve (University of Washington)
4/26/13, 11:25 AM
Aida El Khadra (University of Illinois)
4/26/13, 11:55 AM
Leo Piilonen (Virginia Tech)
4/26/13, 2:00 PM
Brian Hamilton (University of Maryland)
4/26/13, 2:20 PM
Kevin Stenson (University of Colorado Boulder)
4/26/13, 2:40 PM
Wolfgang Altmannshofer (Fermilab)
4/26/13, 3:00 PM
4/26/13, 3:20 PM
Prof. Jack Ritchie (University of Texas at Austin), Dr Joel Butler (Fermilab), Zoltan Ligeti (LBL)
4/26/13, 4:00 PM
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