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Tianlai Analysis Teleconference

Peter Timbie, Peter Timbie (UW-Madison)


21 cm Cosmology Workshop/ Tianlai Collaboration meeting:  we need to schedule a meeting of the SOC. Proposed dates are Thurs, Jan 4 and Weds Jan 10 the regular telecon time.   Reasonable time for all except Danny Jacobs.   Peter will send an email/poll.

Tianlai site is cold and snowy - no observations or construction until possibly this weekend.

Next regular call is Tues Jan 9 and the usual time.

Happy Holidays to all!

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    • 7:30 AM 7:31 AM
      Minutes for last meeting (December 19) are posted 1m
    • 7:35 AM 7:45 AM
      Update on planning for Tianlai Collaboration meeting/ 21 cm Cosmology Workshop in Hangzhou 2024 10m
      Speaker: Haijun Tian
    • 7:50 AM 7:55 AM
      Update on Tianlai observations, including repeated TDA drift scans of calibration sources 5m
      Speaker: Jixia Li (NAOC)
    • 7:55 AM 8:15 AM
      Update on WIYN NCP spectroscopic survey paper 20m
      Speaker: Albert Stebbins (Fermilab)