OSG Council meeting

MDR 1014 (10th floor) (ISI Marina del Rey, 4676 Admiralty Way #1001, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292)

MDR 1014 (10th floor)

ISI Marina del Rey, 4676 Admiralty Way #1001, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


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Visitor badges (x1) for the whole group to share which is used to go in/out of the room + parking validations:  Get these things from the 10th floor reception desk upon arrival. 



    • 1
      Welcome & Chair Transitions
      Speakers: Eric Sedore (Syracuse University), Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy (FNAL)
    • 2
      Council composition
      Speaker: Frank Wuerthwein (UCSD)
    • 3
      NAIR Pilot Status
      Speakers: Brian Bockelman (Morgridge Institute for Research), Frank Wuerthwein (UCSD)
    • 4
      OSG Consortium Plans / Goals

      The consortium is the sum of 3 funded projects:
      1. PATH
      2. Pelican
      3. IRIS-HEP
      How are those projects doing? Is there something the council can do to help achieve stated goals?

      Speaker: Frank Wuerthwein (UCSD)
      • a) Pelican
        Speaker: Brian Bockelman (Morgridge Institute for Research)
      • b) PATH
        Speaker: Frank Wuerthwein (UCSD)
      • c) IRIS-HEP
        Speaker: Derek Weitzel
    • 6:45 PM
      Coffee break
    • 5
      WLCG strategy Document Discussion
      Speaker: Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy (FNAL)