DUNE Outreach Meeting


Connect via zoomhttps://universityofsussex.zoom.us/j/7677245102?pwd=b2hJTjh5TG8vYUVXYko5dlpuY3UvQT09

Meeting ID: 935 2420 7469
Passcode: 551222

Kate, Andy, Emanuele.

  • We had a great DUNE week last week, thank you to Andy for presenting on behalf of us.
  • We met with Jack Fowler who works with SURF and had lots of resources - Andy if Jack sent you anything could you forward to the group
  • Review of our areas

Andy Chappell (Warwick) - Social Media Contact

Emanuele Villa (Geneva) - Neutrino Platform Contact

Kirsty Duffy (Oxford) - Resources & Merchandise Contact

Helio da Motta (CBPF) - Local Events Contact

Mateus Carneiro (BNL) - Website Contact

Maxine Hronek (Fermilab) - E&O all / support

Kate Shaw (Sussex) - Chair of E&O committee


  • Excavation completion today: from SURF - posting on Social Media
  • Caitlyn - updated logos for Black History Month
    • DUNE logos updated on platform
  • Standard Model Logo for Social Media Andy investigating to update for SM
  • Feb 11 for Women and Girls
    • Will communicate to collaboration 
    • Working with Maria to run campaign
    • Emanuele - have people too!
  • Need to look into canva
  • Neutrino Platform Operations
    • Multimedia, CERN People to come video/photo
    • 2 weeks time start
    • It may be difficult for all people to be engaged
    • Before all sealed off
  • Short and Clear :)
  • Find last presentation - send to Andy

Emanuele - see slides







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    • 10:00 AM 10:20 AM
      Status and Plans for DUNE Outreach 20m
      Speaker: Dr Kate Shaw (University of Sussex)
    • 10:20 AM 11:00 AM
      Round Table 40m
      Speakers: Andrew Chappell (University of Warwick), Hélio da Motta (CBPF), Dr Kate Shaw (University of Sussex), Kirsty Duffy (University of Oxford), Mateus F. Carneiro (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Maxine Hronek (Fermilab)