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DUNE Outreach Meeting


Connect via zoom

Meeting ID: 935 2420 7469
Passcode: 551222

  • DUNE had meetings with Fermilab Comms. P5 is out. We should update brochure - website - posters
    • Kate to follow up
  • Helio da Motta (CBPF): Local Events Contact
    • Local resources for events - Helio to make a desciption
    • Invited talks at local events - Helio to follow up with speakers committee
  • Andy Chappell (Warwick): Social Media Contact
    • ProtoDUNE closes - coverage of the LAr fill
    • Emanuele : Assembly of the beamline inside of ProtoDUNE - timelapse by CERN
    • Emanuele : SPSC (Committee for beam time allocation - how long to run ProtoDune with beam)
    • International day of women and girls in Science!!! 
      • Andy & Mariana made very nice posts!
      • Engagement with the collaboration! (15 )
      • Good engagement on platforms - Instagram in particular
    • Kate discusses updating the platforms, logos, About and text etc.
    • Make a call out over slack for social media involvement (Kate outreach & Andy Young DUNE)
  • Emanuele Villa (Geneva) - Neutrino Platform Contact
    • Mentioned earlier updates
    • Follow up on 3D print of ProtoDUNE - Kate
    • Follow up possibly with Tiago
  • Mateus Carneiro (BNL) - Resources & Website Contact
    • Masterclasses - Kate will send info
    • Website Group definition, role,
    • Resource page on website, lists 
    • Disucssion on return for joining group - service work, possible writing up papers
  • Kirsty Duffy (Oxford) - Educational Resources & Merchandise Contact
  • Maxine Hronek (Fermilab) - E&O all / support
  • Kate Shaw (Sussex) - Chair of E&O committee
    • Advertise to DUNE to join groups
    • Kate will provide presentaion on the DUNE exhibition in the UK for the Royal Society in July
    • GDRIVE for DUNE E&O
      • GDRIVE: Documentation, photos, multimedia,
      • Calendar too - Mateus to look into this!!!
      • NeutrinoExperiment2024&
    • Open Data TaskForce
    • To follow up with Fermilab comms group
    • Kate will find list of people names at Fermilab - education and communication - add to GDRIVE
    • List Neutrino outreach/ education/diversity/ open data tracks conferences
      • NUfact, EPS, ICHEP...
    • Follow up faces of DUNE
  • P5 : Communication has to be part of everyones JOB!!!


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    • 8:00 AM 8:05 AM
      Introduction 5m
      Speaker: Dr Kate Shaw (University of Sussex)
      • We heard from Emmanuele (Our new member) a few weeks back, please see slides
      • Next Wednesday we will hear from David DeMuth about the Masterclasses (followed by Mateus)
        • Davids interest is in a supernova neutrino context, his role has been in the development in a virtual tour of the underground lab (See DocDB 28155).
        • David Martinez ( at South Dakota Mines has been leading the development of data analysis exercises.
        • Leadership also comes from the Quarknet folks, Kenneth Cecire and Shane Woods. Spencer has been active.
      • IPPOG agreement to be signed
      • To organise a E&O meets Young DUNE , in May
      • Follow up with Andy regarding Jack Fowler
    • 8:05 AM 9:00 AM
      Round Table 55m
      Speakers: Andrew Chappell (University of Warwick), Hélio da Motta (CBPF), Dr Kate Shaw (University of Sussex), Kirsty Duffy (University of Oxford), Mateus F. Carneiro (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Maxine Hronek (Fermilab)