This is a pre-meeting of the Accelerator R&D facilities subgroup (#6 in the Frontier Capabilities group) in preparation for the 2013 Community Summer Study aka Snowmass-2013. Subtopics that will be covered include:

I - R&D beam facilities for future Energy Frontier machines: required R&D and (beam) facilities needed
II - R&D beam facilities for Intensity Frontier machines: required R&D and (beam) facilities needed
III - Technology developments: required R&D and (no beam) facilities needed
IV - Detector R&D and required Test Beam facilities

Registration is CLOSED.

We expect to have a full day of plenary sessions on both Feb 25th and 26th. The time line and charge to the working groups for the Community Summer Study (CSS) require the majority of the work be completed prior to the Minneapolis meeting this summer. Therefore, the February meeting at the University of Chicago will be a very important step in preparation for the CSS. We hope you can attend to help consider and evaluate options for the future accelerator R&D program in the United States.
5620 S. Ellis Avenue Chicago IL 60637 Phone: 1-773-702-8113 Enter at 5620 S. Ellis Avenue. Upon entering the building, come down the stairs and follow the red dots on the floor. There are also HEP signs along the way as well. They will lead you to the HEP Elevator. Take it to the third floor. Make a right as you exit off the elevator then a quick left. Come to the end of the hallway, make a left and the conference room is on your left.
The registration fee is $40.00, cash only and it will be collected at the door. This fee covers the cost of refreshments for the scheduled breaks and two lunches.