Mar 2 – 7, 2025
US/Central timezone


This Aspen Winter Conference serves as an essential forum for the high-energy physics community, timed with recent breakthroughs and strategic updates. The conference will focus on integrating theoretical and experimental approaches across particle physics, including collider physics and neutrino physics, and their intersections with astrophysics and cosmology. Key topics will include exploring the electroweak scale, particularly the properties and implications of the Higgs boson and dark matter, as well as advancing new physics searches in the high-luminosity LHC environment using innovative strategies like machine learning. Additionally, the conference will highlight the significant potential of neutrino experiments, like the DUNE project, to probe beyond the standard model. This gathering is set against the backdrop of the Snowmass Community Planning Exercise and the 2023 P5 report, and it aims to foster robust interdisciplinary dialogues that could propel significant advancements in understanding fundamental particles and forces while also exploring future collider programs and opportunities. The event seeks to catalyze new collaborations and insights, driving forward the exploration of the quantum universe.


Zhen Liu, [email protected]

Isobel J. Ojalvo, [email protected] 

Shufang Su, [email protected] 

Zahra Khajeh Tabrizi, [email protected]