TMS Studies Meeting



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    • 10:00 AM 10:20 AM
      Round table 20m
      Speaker: Xiaoyan Huang

      1. No agenda today, so round table.

      2. Sam: Check something for beginners. Getting familiar with the conventions used in the study. Asks about what channels to ask questions. Ask about some details about the reco tree in the data files.

      3. Xiaoyan: Hit used to do the reco version studies.

      4. Jeffrey: UV orientation of the plates. Interesting to see the accuracy by comparing truth info with UV view direction. 

      5. Steven: Doing some simple calculations. Particles going from LAr to TMS, to see how the error in slope induces an error in energy reconstruction.

      6. Liam:  Kalman Filter. Fix some bugs.

      7. Asa:  Questions about reco section responsibility. Hugh said the responsibility area is not strict, can do a study and write a tech note.

      8. Jeffrey: Truth Info tree is now complete, going to merge code. Has an idea to make the NERSC files work correctly. Will do some pile up studies. Want to do some vertical position plots. Do some resolution studies, redo them after Kalman Filter is available.