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New Perspectives 2013

from Monday, June 10, 2013 (1:00 PM) to Tuesday, June 11, 2013 (6:00 PM)
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Batavia, IL 60510 (1 West)

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Jun 10, 2013
Jun 11, 2013
9:00 AM
Session 3 -Mr Leonidas Aliaga Soplin (College of William and Mary) (until 10:30 AM) (1 West)
9:00 AM The NRQED Lagrangian at order $1/M^4$ - Gabriel Lee (University of Chicago)   (1 West)
9:18 AM Probing Quantum Space-Time with Interferometers - Mr Jonathan Richardson (University of Chicago)   (1 West)
9:36 AM How Many Galaxies? Checking the Accuracy of a Method for Extrapolating Galaxy Cluster Richness - Matthew Wiesner (Northern Illinois University)   (1 West)
9:54 AM Electroluminescence studies for DarkSide - Mr Alden Fan (UCLA)   (1 West)
10:12 AM Low-mass WIMP searches with SuperCDMS - Mr Ritoban Basu Thakur (Fermilab/ UIUC)   (1 West)
10:30 AM --- Break ---
11:00 AM
Session 4 -Dr Jason St. John (University of Cincinnati) (until 12:37 PM) (1 West)
11:18 AM Beam Instrumentation for High Pressure RF Cavity Experiment at Fermilab MuCool Test Area - Dr Mukti Jana (Fermilab)   (1 West)
11:43 AM Charge Current Quasi-Elastic Neutral Hyperon Production with ArgoNeuT - Saima Farooq (KSU)   (1 West)
12:01 PM MicroBooNE: Physics Overview and Detector Assembly - Mr Ryan Grosso (University of Cincinnati)   (1 West)
12:19 PM Results from the Bo Argon Scintillation Test Stand at Fermilab - Mr Benjamin Jones (MIT)   (1 West)
1:00 PM
Session 1 -Dr Carrie McGivern (University of Pittsburgh) (until 2:30 PM) (1 West)
1:00 PM Production of channeling radiation at the HBESL and ASTA facilities - Mr Ben Blomberg (Northern Illinois University)   (1 West)
1:18 PM Particle Flow Superclustering and the CMS Hcal Upgrade - Mr Josh Kaisen (CMS)   (1 West)
1:36 PM Phase 1 CMS Pixel Detector Upgrade - Sarah Freed (SUNY at Buffalo)   (1 West)
1:54 PM Testing of the HDI's to be installed during Phase 1 Upgrades of the LHC - Brendan Smith (University at Buffalo SUNY)   (1 West)
2:12 PM Measurement of Lorentz Angle for the CMS Pixel Detector - Andrew Godshalk (SUNY at Buffalo)   (1 West)
2:30 PM --- Break ---
3:00 PM
Session 2 -Dr Carrie McGivern (University of Pittsburgh) (until 5:18 PM) (1 West)
3:00 PM Search for heavy resonances decaying into tau pair with CMS detector at the LHC - Dr Nitish Dhingra (Panjab University, Chandigarh (India))   (1 West)
3:18 PM Search for the standard model Higgs boson produced in association with W or Z bosons, and decaying to bottom quarks - Jia Fu Low (University of Florida)   (1 West)
3:36 PM Search for W' production in the single top channel with the ATLAS detector - Mr Patrick True (Michigan State University)   (1 West)
3:54 PM Measurement of Z boson production in association with heavy flavor jets at D0 - Mr Joseph Zennamo (SUNY at Buffalo, D0)   (1 West)
4:19 PM Particle Production Measurements using the MIPP Detector at Fermilab - Ms Sonam Mahajan (Panjab University, Chandigarh, India)   (1 West)
4:37 PM KS0 production at the Main Injector Particle production experiment at Fermilab - Mr Amandeep Singh (Punjab University, Chandigarh)   (1 West)
12:37 PM --- Lunch ---
1:30 PM
Session 5 - Anthony Barker (until 3:00 PM) (1 West)
1:30 PM Calibrating the MicroBooNE Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) Array with Michel Electrons from Cosmic Ray Muons - Amy Greene (MIT)   (1 West)
1:48 PM MicroBooNE Electronics: Triggering and Readout - Mr David Kaleko (Columbia University/Nevis Labs)   (1 West)
2:06 PM Long Term Performance of the MINOS Calibration Procedure - Mr Navaneeth Poonthottathil Poonthottathil (CUSAT/Fermilab)   (1 West)
2:24 PM Measuring Neutrino Oscillations with the MINOS Experiment - Mr Alexander Radovic (University College London)   (1 West)
2:42 PM Measurement of Neutrino and Antineutrino Oscillation Parameters Using the Complete Atmospheric and Beam Data Sets from MINOS - Ms Michelle Mesquita de Medeiros (Federal University of Goias)   (1 West)
3:00 PM --- Break ---
3:30 PM
Session 6 - Vladimir Khalatian (until 5:38 PM) (1 West)
3:30 PM Study of Quasi-Elastic interactions using the NOvA Detector Prototype - Minerba Betancourt (University of Minnesota)   (1 West)
3:48 PM NuMI Beam Flux Study for MINERvA - Mr Leonidas Aliaga Soplin (College of William and Mary)   (1 West)
4:06 PM 1D/2D unfolding at MINERvA - Mr Kenyi Paolo Hurtado Anampa (CBPF)   (1 West)
4:24 PM Muon Neutrino Charged Current Quasi-Elastic Scattering in MINERvA - Tammy Walton (Hampton University)   (1 West)
4:44 PM Electron-neutrino charged-current quasi-elastic cross-section at MINERvA - Jeremy Wolcott (University of Rochester)   (1 West)
5:02 PM Charged Current Coherent Pion Production by Neutrinos. - Aaron Higuera (Universidad de Guanajuato)   (1 West)