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This will be the third in a series of workshops (started by SNS in 2009) devoted to the topic of H- laser stripping. This year we are including discussions on the utilization of laser systems in other H- accelerator applications. The main topics of discussion will be:
  • the latest advances in the theoretical understanding and experimental verification of H- laser stripping,
  • laser based H- beam diagnostics,
  • other applications for H- beam manipulation with lasers,
  • and advances in laser technology associated high peak and average power laser systems such as optical storage cavities, pulsed optical cavities, fiber systems, fiber transport, transverse beam shaping, etc.

This workshop will bring together international colleagues, national labs, universities, industrial partners working in these areas to share expertise and advancements over the past two years. We also plan to have leading experts in the fields of cryogenic lasers/amplifiers, enhancement cavities, and high power fiber lasers/amplifiers present for presentations on the state of the art developments.
Starts Sep 26, 2013 07:30
Ends Sep 27, 2013 21:20

Sessions will be held in the Big Room,
located in the building (327 on Road D) just east of CDF(see links below).

  • Workshop PictureNew updated 9/28/13
  • Final Workshop Program New updated 9/26/13
The workshop program is being finalized. We are almost there. We wish to thank all the speakers from the labs and universities around the world who have agreed to share their work with the community. We would especially like to extend our appreciation to those speakers from universities and private companies who have agreed to share their time and expertise in this diverse field of laser technology.
  • Travel Information
A block of rooms is being held at the Comfort Inn Geneva for the workshop under the group "Fermilab Laser Workshop" This is not the only hotel near Fermilab, but it is the closest. A list on hotels near the lab is in the following link. Whichever hotel you select don't forget to request the Fermilab rate or government rate.
  • Workshop Dinner We are planning on having a workshop dinner the first evening. Since we are not charging registration, we will be selling a ticket for this event at the workshop check-in. Further details to come.