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28-30 April 2014
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
US/Central timezone

Thin and Thick Target Activation by 2.25 and 3.36 GeV Electron Beams


George Kharashvili (Jefferson Lab)


Activation of materials impacted by GeV electron beams is of great importance for the purposes of radiation protection as well as future decommissioning. In order to measure thin and thick target activation Al, Pb, Nb, Cu, and stainless steel foils (0.01 – 0.1 mm) were placed upstream and downstream of 1.25-cm thick tungsten alloy blocks and irradiated by 2.25 and 3.36 GeV electron beams. The upstream foils represented thin targets (< 4% r.l.) and the downstream ones – thick targets. Gamma spectroscopy analysis of each foil was then performed using high purity germanium detectors. The setup was modeled using FLUKA Monte Carlo code. Comparison of measured and calculated activities is presented.

Primary authors

George Kharashvili (Jefferson Lab) Pavel Degtiarenko (Jefferson Lab)

Presentation Materials