Opening Session and LHC Physics

Aug 25, 2014, 9:00 AM
WH One West (FNAL)

WH One West


Hosted by LHC Physics Center (LPC) at FNAL


Opening Session and LHC Physics

  • Boaz Klima (FNAL)
  • Sanjay Padhi (University of California, San Diego)

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Meenakshi Narain (Brown University)
8/25/14, 9:00 AM
Dr Joseph Lykken (Fermilab)
8/25/14, 9:20 AM
Hongbo Zhu (Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Prof. Xinchou LOU (University of Texas at Dallas/IHEP)
8/25/14, 9:50 AM
Dr Daniel Schulte (CERN)
8/25/14, 10:50 AM
Jeffrey Berryhill (Fermilab)
8/25/14, 11:20 AM
James PILCHER (University of Chicago)
8/25/14, 12:05 PM
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