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30-31 January 2014
US/Central timezone
ICFA has established a Neutrino Panel to promote international cooperation in the development of the accelerator-based neutrino-oscillation program and to promote international collaboration in the development of a neutrino factory as a future intense source of neutrinos for particle physics experiments. In this context, the Panel, which has a three year mandate, is holding an initial meeting to collect input from the neutrino community in the Americas in order to review the near term prospects of the global accelerator-based neutrino oscillation program (4-7 year time scale), opportunities for future discovery (7-25 year time scale), and the program of measurements and R&D needed to support this program. The meeting will use as input reports from the recent regional planning processes and focus on the following questions: • Do the conclusions from the various regional studies agree about the accelerator-based-neutrino physics priorities? To what extent are the envisioned future regional accelerator-based neutrino programs in competition and/or complementary with each other? • For each of the programs, what level of inter-regional collaboration is needed for their success, and what are the obstacles that must be overcome to achieve the desired level of collaboration? • How might the ICFA neutrino panel help the community achieve the level of inter-regional collaboration and cooperation desired for the optimization All sessions will be held in One West located on the 1st floor of Fermilab Wilson Hall. The registration fee for this workshop is $30 and covers coffee breaks, attendance at all sessions, supplies, and administrative costs of hosting the event. In addition, Fermilab Research Alliance, LLC will be hosting a reception on January 30, 2014 at 5:30pm in the Gallery on the 2nd floor cross-over of Fermilab Wilson Hall.