Open Science Grid Site Administrators Technical Meeting

Fermilab, Batavia, IL 60510

Fermilab, Batavia, IL 60510

Alain Roy (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Goals of the Open Science Grid Site Administrators Meeting
  • Figure out how to make OSG sites even better
  • Begin to build a community among the OSG sites
  • Share technical expertise
  • Have two-way discussions to hear concerns and share solutions

We will strive to have plenty of time built in to have discussions, not just talks. This is essential. Please come prepared to participate in the discussions, not just listen to people talking.

Meeting Rooms:
July 30, 2007: One West, located at ground floor of Wilson Hall (High Rise)
July 31, 2007: Curia II, located above the Wilson Hall cafeteria.

Directions and more information about visiting Fermilab
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