18-22 May 2015
Wayne State University
US/Eastern timezone
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Wayne State University - C, McGregor

Measuring the CP content of D decays to multibody self-conjugate final states


  • Prof. Jim LIBBY

Primary authors

Abstract content

Quantum-correlated psi(3770) to DDbar decays collected by the CLEO-c experiment are used to perform first measurements of F+, the fractional CP-even content of the self-conjugate decays D->pi+pi−pi0 and D->K+K−pi0. Values of 0.968±0.017±0.006 and 0.731±0.058±0.021 are obtained for pi+pi−pi0 and K+K−pi0, respectively. It is demonstrated how modes of this sort can be cleanly included in measurements of the unitarity triangle angle gamma/phi3 using B+->DK+ decays. The high CP-even content of D→pi+pi−pi0, in particular, makes this a promising mode for improving the precision on gamma/phi3. Prospects with other modes are also discussed.


This abstract is based on Phys. Lett. B740 (2015) 1.