18-22 May 2015
1200 Molecular Plant Science Building, Michigan State University
EST5EDT timezone
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1200 Molecular Plant Science Building, Michigan State University -

DISCS Status


  • Dr. Vasu VUPPALA

Abstract content

Distributed Information Services for Control Systems (DISCS) is a framework for building high-level applications for commissioning, operation, and maintenance of an experimental physics facility. It provides programmatic as well as graphical interfaces to its data and services. It is comprised of a set of cooperating services and applications, and manages data such as naming, machine configuration, lattice, measurements, alignment, cables, machine state, inventory, operations, calibration, and design parameters. The services/applications include Logbook, Traveler, Unit Conversion, Online Model, and Save-Restore. Each component of the system has a database, an API, and a set of applications. The services are accessed through RESTful and EPICS V4 interfaces.

We present the current status of DISCS.