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Mar 29 – 31, 2016
US/Eastern timezone

Participant Driven Agenda ("Unconference")

The afternoon of the second day of the JINA-CEE Frontiers 2016 meeting will be in the style of an 'unconference', i.e. a participant-driven agenda constituting many breakout sessions. Participants will choose topics on-the-fly for the breakout sessions. There are 3-hours alloted for the unconference, so participants are encouraged to form and join several breakout sessions. People decide on the fly which breakout to join initially. During the 3h period participants can flow from breakout to breakout depending on their interest (or redistribute once a breakout has ended). 
We need you to participate actively! What is it that you really want to talk about at the meeting? Here are the steps: 
(1) Please propose a topic for a breakout. We want the discussion to start!
Suggest new topics by posting a new discussion on the jinaceeFrontiers2016 wiki message board (
(2) Discuss topics at the meeting, try to convince people to join certain topics, or rally colleagues to start a new topic. There will be a board where participants can write suggested topics to discuss during the breakout session.
(3) At the onset of the unconference, we will all stand in one room, and whoever wishes to organize a topic will wave a sign (we will have signs prepared and you can create new ones). People will select their breakout topic by standing next to the organizer for that topic. The conference organizers will assist breakout groups in finding a space to convene that is appropriate for their group size.
(4) Breakout groups will distribute over the facility. We have areas available for groups of various sizes to convene. Group sizes can vary from 2-3 to 20-30 (or more). There will be no projection equipment, but most larger groups will have a whiteboard with markers available.
(5) Participants can (and are encouraged to) change groups, create new groups, and change topics, during the 3 hour period. Signs will tell them what the (current) topic of a given breakout group is. 
(6) The organizer (or a designee) of each breakout group (for groups of larger size) are encouraged to take notes of their group's discussion and to present a brief summary at the close-out of the conference.

What are suitable topics? The agenda is participant driven so anything JINA-CEE related is a possible topic. Topics can range from a small collaborative idea you want to discuss with 1-2 colleagues for half an hour (but would be ok to be open to all) to a broad interest topic that could take a full 3 hour session. Students and postdocs are welcome to organize sessions tailored to their interests.