Mar 6 – 10, 2017
US/Central timezone


The Fifth conference on NUCLEI and MESOSCOPIC Physics  (NMP17)
Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB)
March 6-10, 2017
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Monday, March 6, 2017 - NSCL/FRIB Lecture Hall 
      Thomas GLASMACHER(FRIB/NSC:), Welcome  
      Phil DUXBURY (MSU, Department of Physics and Astronomy), Welcome  
      Alexandra GADE (MSU), Rare isotopes: Probing many-body physics and the origin of the elements  
      Christoph BRUDER (University of Basel),  Quantum synchronization  
      Vadim OGANESYAN (CUNY), Anomalous transport in perturbed Heisenberg chains  
      James SAULS (Northwestern University), Electron bubbles and Weyl fermions in chiral superfluid 3He-A  
      Kimitoshi KONO (RIKEN, Japan), Slip transport of the Wigner solid on liquid He surface  
      Vadim SMELYANSKIY (Google), Scaling analysis and instantons for quantum spin tunneling and Quantum Monte Carlo simulations
      Mike GUIDRY (University of Tennessee), Emergence and universality in diverse physical systems  
      Peter D.KEEFE (University of Detroit Mercy), Considerations on Bardeen hysteresis: Violation or vindication of the Second Law?
Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - NSCL/FRIB Lecture Hall 
      George F. BERTSCH (University of Washington),  Importance of exit channel fluctuations in reaction branching ratios
      V.K.B. KOTA (Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad), Random matrix theory for transition strengths in finite quantum many-particle systems: Applications and open questions
      Hans WEIDENMÜLLER (Heidelberg University), Limitations of the Porter-Thomas distribution  
      Mihai HOROI (Central Michigan University), Constant temperature description of the nuclear leve densities  
      Thomas GUHR (University Duisburg-Essen), Chaotic scattering: New exact results and comparison to experiemnts  
      Pavel STRANSKY (Charles University, Prague), Excited-state quantum phase transitions: Classification and thermal properties
      Sofia KARAMPAGIA (MSU), Nuclear shell model and phase transitions  
      Norman Birge (MSU), Development of cryogenic memory for supersonducting computers  
      Joachim ANKERHOLD (Ulm University), Josephson photonics: New sources for non-classical photon radiation  
      Doron COHEN (Ben Gurion University), Chaos, metastability and ergodicity in Bose-Hubbard superfluid circuits  
      Alex KAMENEV (University of Minnesota), Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model as a Liouville quantum mechanics
Wednesday , March 8, 2017 - NSCL/FRIB Lecture Hall 
      Leonid P.PRYADKO (University of California, Riverside), Quantum LDPC codes, spin models, and random matrices
      Jacobus VERBAARSCHOT (Stony Brook University), Nuclear spectra, chaos and the SYK model  
      Norman Birge (MSU), Development of cryogenic memory for supersonducting computers  
      Chavdar STOYANOV (Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Sofia), Low-energy nuclear spectroscopy in a microscopic multiphonon approach  
      Caroline ROBIN (Western Michigan University), Relativistic approach to
atomic nuclei including quasiparticle-vibration coupling
      Eduard E. SAPERSTEIN (Kurchatov Institute, Moscow), Particle-phonon coupling effects within theory of finite Fermi systems
      Mark RUDNER (Niels Bohr Institute) Universal quasi-steady states in periodically driven many-body systems  
      Michael Thoennessen (Associate Director for User Relations at  NSCL/FRIB), NSCL seminar:The Discovery of Isotopes Project
      Discussion: Mesoscopic aspects of nuclear physics
Thursday, March 9, 2017 - NSCL/FRIB Lecture Hall 
      Raymond F. BISHOP (University of Manchester), Magnetic order and its loss on frustrated honeycomb monolayers and bilayers: An illustrative use of the coupled cluster method
      Maxim MOSTOVOY (University of Groningen), Multiferroic skyrmions  
      Lorenza VIOLA (Dartmouth College), Characterization and design of topological boundary modes via generalized Bloch's theorem  
      Mark DYKMAN (MSU), Floquet dynamics and time-translation symmetry breaking in nonlinear oscillators  
      Lea SANTOS (Yeshiva University), Power law decays and thermalization in isolated many-body quantum systems  
    * Manan VYAS (UNAM, Mexico), Spin dynamics of interacting many-particle quantum systems EPL Best Student  Presentation Award
      Declan MULHALL ( Scranton University), Randomly interacting bosons on two spin levels  
      Alexander VOLYA (Florida State University), Quest for superradiance in atomic nuclei  
      Michael KLOC (Charles University, Prague), Monodromy and entanglement in Dicke superradiance models  
    * Amin TAYEBI (MSU), Non-Hermitian plasmonic nanoantennas
EPL Best Sudent Presentation Award
Friday , March 10, 2017 - NSCL/FRIB Lecture Hall 
      Felix IZRAILEV (BUAP, Mexico, and MSU), The temperature of a single chaotic eigenstate  
      Naftali AUERBACH (University of Tel Aviv, and MSU), The curious case of Tantalum 180  
      Jeff SCHENKER (MSU), Dissipative transport in the localized regime  
      Lev KAPLAN (Tulane University), Transport efficiency in open quantum systems with static and dynamic disorder  
      Fausto BORGOBOVI (University of Breschia), Cooperative shielding in many-body spin systems with long-range interaction
      Vaclav SPICKA (Institute of Physics,  Prague), Non-equilibrium dynamics of molecular bridge model: Limits to simplified description by generatlized master equations
      M. Hossein MAHZOON (MSU), Correlations in non-equilibrium Green's function method  
      General discussion and conclusion

* EPL award for the best student oral presentation