LArSoft Tools and Technology Workshop 2017

DIR/ Curia II-WH2SW (AM) (Fermilab)

DIR/ Curia II-WH2SW (AM)


Erica Snider (Fermilab)
Update 8/2/17: Presentations and videos are available at:

The 2017 annual LArSoft Workshop will provide a combination of lectures, demonstrations and tutorials to introduce some of the new tools and technologies needed to take full advantage of our existing computing resources, and adapt to some of the changes in computing platforms over recent years. We will also re-visit some of the standard tools that can help all of us write better and faster code.

This free, day-long workshop will be held at Fermilab on Tuesday, June 20, 2017, immediately prior to the FIFE Workshop. The morning session will be in Curia II-WH2SW with the afternoon in Racetrack-WH7X - Wilson Hall 7th fl Crossover.

The target audience includes both beginning and more advanced users of LArSoft. A basic knowledge of the art event processing framework is required, as is some level of proficiency in C++. A basic knowledge of compilers and build systems may be useful, but is not necessary.

All interested LArSoft users and developers are invited to register and attend. Remote attendance will be supported via ZOOM.

Before joining the meeting, please turn off your microphone and video. Instructions on how to do this are available at: Lectures will also be recorded and cataloged on Please direct any comments or questions to [email protected]
  • Adam Lister
  • Alexander Himmel
  • Andrew Mogan
  • Avinay Bhat
  • Balint Radics
  • Biao Wang
  • Bruce Baller
  • Christopher Hilgenberg
  • Colton Hill
  • Daniel Devitt
  • Edgar Valencia-Rodriguez
  • Eileen Berman
  • En-Chuan Huang
  • Erica Snider
  • Felipe Garcia Ken Kamiya
  • Garrett Brown
  • Gianluca Petrillo
  • Giuseppe Cerati
  • Glenn Horton-Smith
  • Hans Wenzel
  • Heng-Ye Liao
  • Herbert Greenlee
  • Jaydip Singh
  • Jennifer Raaf
  • Katherine Lato
  • Katherine Woodruff
  • Kenneth Herner
  • Kevin Wierman
  • Lige Zhang
  • Luca Pagani
  • Lynn Garren
  • Marc Mengel
  • Marco Del Tutto
  • Marcos Vinicius dos Santos
  • Marina Guzzo
  • Michael Kirby
  • Min Jeong Kim
  • Monica Nunes
  • Nicola McConkey
  • Polina Abratenko
  • Reddy Pratap Gandrajula
  • Robert Hatcher
  • Saba Sehrish
  • Simone Marcocci
  • Tapasi Ghosh
  • Thomas Carroll
  • Thomas Junk
  • Thomas Mettler
  • Tingjun Yang
  • Tyler Boone
  • Vito Di Benedetto