2nd DUNE Near Detector Workshop

Curia II and One West (Fermilab)

Curia II and One West


By the end of the 2017, we wish to converge on the conceptual design that the DUNE collaboration intends to take forward. This workshop is part of this process. A number of options will be considered, the existing FGT design, a LAr-TPC, a system based around a High-Pressure Gaseous Argon TPC tracker and a hybrid option. The meeting will focus on the merits of the different options. We will also touch on the possible funding sources for various options. The meeting is open to existing DUNE collaborators and any potential new collaborators with an interest in participating in the design, planning and construction of the DUNE near detector system.
  • Alan Bross
  • Alexandr Selyunn
  • Alfons Weber
  • Andrey Elagin
  • Antonio Ereditato
  • Chang Kee Jung
  • Christopher Backhouse
  • Christopher Mauger
  • Clark McGrew
  • Cory Rude
  • Costas Andreopoulos
  • Dan Dwyer
  • David Christian
  • David Martinez Caicedo
  • De Roeck Albert
  • Donna Naples
  • Douglas Pelletier
  • Ed Blucher
  • Ed tatar
  • Edgar Valencia-Rodriguez
  • Elizabeth Worcester
  • Gabriel Perdue
  • Guang Yang
  • Guillermo Fernandez Moroni
  • Hongyue Duyang
  • Jake Calcutt
  • James Sinclair
  • Jane Nachtman
  • Jaroslav Zalesak
  • Jaydip Singh
  • Jennifer Raaf
  • Jeremy Wolcott
  • Jiri FRANC
  • Jonathan Asaadi
  • Jose Luis Palomino Gallo
  • Kam-Biu Luk
  • Laura Fields
  • Laura Patrizii
  • Lu Ren
  • Marcel Stanitzki
  • Marco Pallavicini
  • Marco Roda
  • Mark Thomson
  • Michael Wilking
  • Mike Kordosky
  • Orgho Neogi
  • Reddy Pratap Gandrajula
  • Rhiannon Jones
  • Robert Hatcher
  • Robert Wilson
  • Ryan Patterson
  • Sam Zeller
  • Sanjib Mishra
  • Steve Dennis
  • Steven Manly
  • Thomas Junk
  • Ting Miao
  • Tommaso Boschi
  • Yasar Onel