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5-6 June 2017
US/Central timezone

List of registrants

Number of participants: 11

downname institution position city country/region
Dr. GREEN, Chris Fermilab Computer Science Researcher Batavia, IL United States
Dr. HEGNER, Benedikt CERN   Meyrin Switzerland
Dr. KNOEPFEL, Kyle Fermilab   Batavia United States
Mr. KOWALKOWSKI, Jim Fermilab   Batavia United States
KUHR, Thomas LMU   Munich Germany
Dr. LEGGETT, Charles LBNL   Berkeley United States
Dr. LYON, Adam Fermilab   Batavia United States
Dr. MALON, David Argonne National Laboratory   Argonne United States
Dr. PATERNO, Marc Fermilab   Batavia United States
SEXTON-KENNEDY, Elizabeth FNAL   Batavia United States
TSULAIA, Vakho LBNL   Berkeley United States